Vertical Climber Exercise Machine

Buying The Best Vertical Climber Exercise Machine

When it comes to home fitness, you’re going to need to invest in a few machines if you’re going to see results. You cannot simply get the best workouts without an additional support mechanism. Sure, you can get a workout DVD and try, but you’ll find that you need something else. To truly see a good push forward, you’ll need a machine, or an exercise system that is going to make things a little easier to work with. That being said, you’ll want to get options like a good Vertical Climber Exercise Machine. This is an all around good tool to have, and could very well give you the upper hand in your workouts.

Consider Space First

Before you purchase anything, consider whether you have space for this solution in your living room or garage. This is an option that can take up a lot of space if you’re not careful. There are compact solutions, but since it’s a climber, you may find that you will have to consider space, design, style, and more. Measure the space you have in advance, and try to visualize whether you will be able to get full range of motion on the climber, which uses arms and legs to exercise.

The Price Tag

How much do you want to spend on equipment? That’s a question that you’re going to have to ask yourself no matter what you’re buying. In the case of a Vertical Climber Exercise Machine, you’re going to need to set aside at least a couple of hundred dollars. Yes, you can get away with purchasing a solution that is less than $100, but it may not support your weight, and may not have the best quality construction, etc. To get the best option, expect to pay around $200 or so, if not more, especially if you want something that is going to last a while.

The following are just some of the best Vertical Climber Exercise Machines that you can pick up today.

Merax Vertical Climber Machine

The first option is that of the Merax Vertical Climber. This is a compact machine that is meant to help you burn a lot of calories with an easy to work with machine. It’s easy to setup, and it doesn’t take a lot of space. It can help you reach your full potential with adjustable height, resistance, and more. It’s a simple, manual machine that you will no doubt find to be good.

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

This is a no-nonsense, simple design. It’s foldable, it’s lightweight, and yet it comes with rave reviews, and a lot of adjustments that help you change the hydraulic elements. This is a deceptively simple machine to use, and it works well for nearly any space that you have in your home.

X-Factor Vertical Climber

Another option that you will want to look into is the X-Factor option. This is a simple solution that can work with weights up to 340 pounds. It’s adjustable, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t take up much space. It does have resistance bands, and can help you see how many steps you’ve made with a simple LCD monitor.